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We would love to hear (and possibly share)  your Jonesborough story. We invite you to share your favorite moments, places, experiences, and tips. Be sure to include a beautiful photograph that showcases your story.

We want to enhance your story as much as possible. Please include a featured photo that showcases your story, but make sure it’s one that you took so we can credit you properly. Photos should be .jpg or .png files.

Here’s a few tips to submit a great story!

  1. Pick one amazing experience that you’ve had in Jonesborough. Maybe it’s a festival, a long weekend, an antique shopping trip, your daughter’s wedding, or an unforgettable meal.
  2. Your tone should be casual and friendly, like you’re writing to a friend. Of course, humor can always be a great addition.
  3. Try to keep your story between 250 and 1,000 words.
  4. Please keep your story G-rated and family-friendly.
  5. Use plenty of detail and information, not too generic.
  6. Our staff may edit for grammar, punctuation, and clarity.
  7. Please include a few sentences about yourself.

There is no compensation for submission, but we will be sure to credit you (and your website if you have one). There is no limit to how many stories you can submit.